ABC Nanny Services

If you need a reliable babysitter or experienced nanny in or around Sydney NSW, our nanny agency can find a babysitter or nanny matched to your needs.

Busy parents in metropolitan Sydney often book for a babysitter from us because they want to make things a bit easier to manage and make sure everything gets done and in order. Whether it’s about feeding, bathing or putting the child to bed on time and according to your specific instructions, a reliable and trusted babysitter can do it all for you. For many parents hiring a nanny makes a huge difference in their lives.

We can provide night nannies, casual babysitting, and age appropriate activities. Every babysitter we have has experience working with children, and is safety conscious.

All our nannies and babysitters have completed a working with children check and we have babysitters with full availability, or simply for periods of the day such as before or after school care.

A sitter’s principal responsibility is to keep the children safe and cared for in their parent’s absence. This may include, making sure the children are fed according to the parents’ instructions bathed and put to bed or just providing safe environment until the parents return.

This differs from a nanny, as a sitter isn’t responsible for fostering the holistic growth and development of the children in her care on a daily basis. For example, many nannies are also a childcare educator. Teaching children doesn’t just have to only be in the classroom!

Experienced Nanny Agency

Parents choose us because:

  • We cover all the basics including making sure all the nannies have a Working with Children Check, Police Check and CPR and First Aid Training
  • We always got your back because in case the nanny you booked for didn’t arrive, we can immediately send a replacement
  • ABC Nanny is about your convenience and requirements (flexible service according to your schedule and requirements)

You can be sure that your child is fed and bathe on time and according to your instructions.


So if you need an experienced babysitter or reliable nanny in Sydney NSW, then please get in touch. We can immediately send a nanny even if it’s on short notice.