Common Situations which Call for an Emergency Nanny


Have you ever found yourself in need of an emergency nanny at the last minute, wondering who to call upon? Wonder no more, because ABC Nanny services provide emergency nanny services that work around your busy lifestyle. We understand that life doesn’t always run according to a schedule, so the next time a last-minute event pops up or you need some after-school help, consider calling in an emergency nanny. ABC Nanny Services makes the process as quick and easy as possible, so that you can handover to a qualified nanny, head out the door and rest easy knowing your child is being provided with the best possible care.

When you require last minute childcare, just give us a call and we’ll find the perfect emergency nanny for your family. Here are a few common situations in which you might require emergency childcare.

Heading off on a Business Trip

Modern working parents have busy schedules and can be called away on interstate or international business trips with little notice.  In the hurry to arrange flights, accommodation and pack your bags, you may have forgotten to book your usual babysitter. Rest assured that your ABC Nanny Services emergency nanny is only ever a phone call away, so you can focus on business whilst your children enjoy quality care and attention until your return.

Working from Home with Sick Kids

With working from home fast becoming the norm, it’s important to be prepared for situations where you children become sick. It’s not always possible to take a day off work or accomplish all that you need to do whilst attending to the needs of your child. Not to worry though, because your emergency nanny will provide all the care and attention your child needs until they are back to full health. From administering medication through to cooking and emotional support, there’s nothing to worry about with an emergency nanny on hand.

Your Usual Nanny is Sick or Unavailable

Sometimes you might find that your usual babysitter has fallen ill or has to cancel at the last minute. Don’t worry though, because ABC Nanny Services has a long list of fully qualified nannies who are on call 24 hours to provide emergency care. We have you and your young family covered in all situations, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Last Minute Invitations

Just received an invite to a friend or family members birthday celebration, or been invited to enjoy a meal at the trendiest restaurant in town? It would be a shame to turn down the offer! With an emergency nanny on call, you don’t have to. You can have a great night out whilst your emergency nanny keeps your children entertained with a range of fun games and activities.

Emergencies Can Occur at Any Time – Call Upon ABC Nanny Services

With a friendly and experienced emergency nanny only a phone call away, you can say YES more often to whatever life throws your way. Rest assured that your children will receive the best possible care and attention, so you can enjoy your time out without any concerns at all.

Call ABC Nanny Services on 0402522670 and we’ll find the next available emergency nanny to suit your family.