If you are a nanny, qualified carer or au pair, please get in touch.

Please note all applicants must have:

  1. Working with Children Check
  2. First Aid and CPR Certificate
  3. Police Check

Working with ABC Nanny Services

If you are a Nanny/Au Pair/Carer/Babysitter looking for a new position or looking to add work to your current schedule, please contact us and we can help you find the perfect family.

ABC Nanny Services will take care of all payments, tax and superannuation contributions, and will also cover you for $10M Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Employment Agreement: A contract will be signed if you’re successful for any of our positions. Upon signing your contract, you will also be provided with an full induction on your position and joining our agency

Job Description: The job description will be set out by the family on your contract

Pay / Remuneration: An hourly rate will be set depending on the position. Our payroll is done weekly. Expenses (e.g activities) and allowances (e.g petrol) will be additional and paid for by the family. For casual employees, the minimum wage is typically $24.36 per hour. ABC Nanny Services’ offers $25 and above the minimum wage.

Term of Employment: There will be a two week trial period before contracts become effective and a 6 month commitment is required. If an employee would like to leave, they will need to provide 4 weeks notice
Conditions of Employment: Our nannies are casual employees. Some families may choose to pay holidays and sick leave

Superannuation: We are required to pay superannuation to an employee’s nominated fund if the employee is between 18 – 69 years of age and is earning $450 or more (before tax) each month. Superannuation is calculated based on 9.5% of the gross wage

Insurances: Full public liability cover is in place for up to $10 million

Domestic Workers Compensation: Under Workers Compensation legislation we are required to insure nannies for Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance. Workers Compensation is calculated based on 1% of your yearly earnings

Income Tax: Generally, under the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) system, we are required by law to withhold amounts from weekly payments and send these amounts to the ATO

Registered Carer: Some families may be able to claim a benefit if they use ‘registered care’. If the family requests Nannies they must register through the Family Assistance Office and must meet certain requirements (be 18+, have a Tax File Number, meet any licensing requirements in your state)

Training: We hold various team building days for our nannies where out of dates certs can be updated etc