How Do I Find a Nanny in My Area?


Whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary nanny (e.g. for an emergency, you’re ill, you’re taking a huge step in your career, business or advanced studies, going into labour for your second baby, urgent appointments), it’s important to find a good nanny that you can trust for your peace of mind. After all, you’re hiring a nanny because you need more focus and energy on something else and so that you ensure your child is still receiving proper care no matter how busy you are. A nanny should make it easier for you and not cause you any worries.

How do I find a nanny in my area?

However, finding someone good and trustworthy who can assist you is not that easy. Yes, you can easily find a nanny online but will you trust that person to properly take care of your child? And what if it’s urgent and you have no time to screen for the perfect candidate?

No matter how urgent it is, it won’t hurt to take a few minutes to read about the service and the service provider. For example, it’s important that the people behind the nanny service provider are also parents themselves. This way, you know for sure that they understand your needs and the common problems and concerns parents encounter. In addition, it’s also important that the people setting the direction of the nanny service (including screening the nannies when it comes to their qualifications, experience and character) have a formal background in childcare and early childhood education. After all, children’s needs are continuously evolving and often kids have varying personalities and requirements.

For example, your child might have a specific dietary requirement or he/she requires special assistance to the toilet. The nanny should then consider those unique requirements and the service should be personalised according to your child’s needs. It’s also important that the service is personalised according to your schedule and availability.

When it comes to the nanny’s availability, you also need to consider the variability and unpredictability. Nannies may also get ill or attend to an emergency which is why there should be a replacement even on such short notice. This way, you know for certain that someone will still take care of your child despite your other concerns or appointments (no matter how urgent these are).

Notice that we didn’t talk about the traits you should look for when finding a nanny (e.g. enthusiasm, fun with children, prompt and good listener). These traits are hard to verify for yourself because your child is the one spending the most time with the nanny. As a result, what you can do is to check the background of the nanny service provider (i.e. the company screening the nannies according to their qualifications, experience and character). This way, you gain peace of mind and you know you’ll get the support whenever you need it.