How does a Nanny Share Work?


Hiring a nanny is a great way to ensure your child receives the best possible care and attention during their formative years. For parents who do not require a full time nanny or cannot afford the cost of a private nanny, it is worth considering a nanny share with a neighbouring family. This can be a cost effective and beneficial experience for both families, allowing multiple children to receive high quality care whilst enjoying a flexible schedule. 

What is Nanny Sharing?

As the name implies, nanny sharing allows two (or more) families to share a nanny at the same time. Following an agreement with a nearby family, you may opt to have your nanny:

  • Provide care for each family at different times in each residence, or
  • Work full time in a single house, caring for the needs of both sets of children

Nanny sharing is a popular option for parents with children of a similar age, who may already have a relationship with one another through playgroups or schooling. This can allow both families to benefit from cost savings, whilst also fostering friendships and nurturing social skills. 

Other situations which may suit a nanny sharing arrangement include:

  • Parents who work part-time and only require a nanny for the times they are at work
  • Parents looking for an alternative to after-school care
  • Parents on a budget looking for a cost-effective nanny solution

Cost Benefits of Nanny Sharing

Professional nannies working under a share arrangement receive the same pay, conditions and benefits as they would working for a single family. You will need to come to an amicable agreement with the other family as to how the arrangement will work, and how costs will be split. In cases where care is provided for both children in a single residence, or time is divided equally, many families opt for a 50/50 split in covering the costs of engaging the nanny.  

It is important to be aware of the co-ordination involved and have a good working relationship with the other family before deciding to pursue a nanny sharing arrangement. You should keep written documentation on the agreement that has been made.

Advantages of Nanny Sharing

Cost savings and socialisation benefits are two of the most obvious pluses in opting for a nanny share arrangement, but you will also enjoy:

  • High quality care within the comfort and familiar surroundings of your family home
  • Flexible schedules as agreed with the other family
  • A dedicated nanny who respects your home and family routines
  • No more getting stuck in traffic and travelling to and from childcare centres

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