Sensory Activities For Toddlers and Infants


We have prepared the following list of sensory activities for toddlers and infants to help you help them build confidence, learn self expression and motor skills that they need to perform later in life. These can be performed at home or in the outdoors by your ABC Nanny Services nanny.

COVID-19 has brought about a lot of changes for everyone and it might take a while to get used to the routine. Remember that your children may also be feeling a bit overwhelmed or unsure. The good news is that you’re looking for a child minding service, ABC Nanny Services only employs professional nannies who are fully committed to their job and strive to provide the utmost care for all children under their care. You can trust them to do what’s best. By working as a team, you can get on with your work and daily routine knowing that your children’s needs are being looked after.

Activities for Infants aged 0 to 6 months

At home, babies aged 0 to 6 months will benefit most from listening to music and sounds. You can play soft music to your babies or sing and hum them lullabies and happy melodies. Reading stories in English or another language will help babies learn to understand tonality, especially if you speak in different pitches and rhythms. Soothing baby massages before naps and after baths can help your baby to relax.

Walks around the neighbourhood can be positive, assuming little to no contact with strangers. This activity will introduce your baby to the sounds of the neighbourhood without being overwhelming. Taking trips to parks and museums will instil a visual curiosity in your babe and help them digest shapes, textures and colours for the first time.

Activities for Infants Aged 7 Months to 18 Months

Singing and dancing are very useful activities for infants because they calm them down when they have just too much energy. They also teach confidence and self expression. Other creative activities like scribbling with crayons to introduce shapes and letters and finger painting or play dough to teach motor skills are great. Socialisation is very important at this age so try to find a playgroup that meets regularly indoors or outdoors. Your child will begin to walk at this age and supporting them in this is very important.

Educational Activities For Toddlers Aged 18 Months to 3 Years

At this age, toddlers have learned enough to be able to be active participants in activities around the house. You can teach them cooking, gardening, drawing and painting, singing and dancing and enjoy the results. Teach your kids to play “I spy” and take them to pet shops to meet animals for the first time. So long as they’re stimulated, your toddlers will continue to learn and interact with the world around them positively. Just be sure to keep an eye on them are they can be very curious at this stage in development.

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