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Before and After School Nanny

Before and After school Nannies are responsible for dropping off and picking the child/ren up from school, assisting with homework, making afternoon tea or even preparing dinner for the family as well as driving the children to after school activities. Parents may also have a need for assistance to help get the children ready for school in the morning and then transporting them to school due to their busy work schedule.

Perhaps you also thought it would get easier once your child starts going to school. But as you’ve realised by now, it’s more exhausting and overwhelming now. You have to drop off or pick up your child from school. You also have to assist your child in his/her hobbies and activities, all while you’re running errands, doing household duties and being busy at your work.

Before and after school nanny Sydney

To make things a bit easier to manage while making sure important things are getting done, an extra pair of hands would be a huge help. The nanny could take care of the light household duties and drop off and pick up your child from school.

We all do that here at ABC Nanny Services. Our goal is to make being a mum a bit less overwhelming and exhausting. This way, mums make sure that everything is in order for their children and mums can better focus on other important things.

Parents in metropolitan Sydney choose us because of the following:

  • We provide personalised flexible childcare service
  • We take the time to understand the needs of the household
  • We make sure children get individual attention
  • Our directors have a combined experience of more than 25 years on early childhood education
  • Each nanny has undergone rigorous screening and training
  • Our nannies are proactive in their duties
  • Even on short notice you can rely on us
  • We have always got your back. In case the nanny you booked for didn’t arrive, we can send a replacement right away

We are flexible so even if you need the service just once per week or each day, we can make the arrangement. It all depends on your schedule and requirements and we will find a solution. This is to help ensure your child gets enough attention while you can still work on other things.

This is not meant to replace you. The goal is to help make sure things are getting done. For example, while you’re playing with your child or letting your child talk about his/her day, the nanny could then prepare dinner and clean up the toys and bedroom. Your child still gets quality time with you while other important things are taken care of in the background.

Phone us today at 02 9387 3030 if you’re looking for a nanny you can rely on. You can count on us even if it’s on short notice and even if your schedule seems unpredictable. We are here to assist you and make sure things get done every day