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Corporate and Events Nanny

Our Corporate and Special Events Nannies provide childcare at your workplace and for occasions such as weddings, birthday parties etc. 

Consider using an event nanny to provide entertainment, supervision and care for the children attending. Rest assured that our nannies would keep the little ones busy and happy. 

Want to keep your child busy and happy during a wedding or birthday party you’re attending? You can book a Corporate and Events Nanny here at ABC Nanny Services (call us at 02 9387 3030). 

Corporate and events nanny Sydney

Many mums miss out on exciting events because they worry about their children. They want to take their children with them but what about you and the event? What if they get noisy and unruly? What if you want to fully enjoy the occasion and get some “me-time” and not worry too much about your child? 

Because of those concerns, some mums decide to leave the children at home or never attend the party at all. This is frustrating because both you and your child are missing out on the fun. What happens then is that you sit and browse the photos of the event you and your child should have attended. 

The good news is that you can book a nanny service here that will keep your child entertained. Everyone wins here because you’re able to attend the special event and catch up with friends and your child gets busy and happy too. This has already happened to many mums and children because they chose ABC Nanny Services. 

Why do metropolitan Sydney mums choose us? 

  • Even on short notice, we can send a nanny 
  • We provide personalised child care according to your schedule, budget and requirements 
  • All nannies have a Working with Children Check, Police Check and CPR and First Aid Training 
  • Our directors have a combined experience of more than 25 years in early childhood education 
  • We always got your back. Right away we can send a replacement if the one you booked for didn’t arrive 

There’s no reason for you to miss out on the fun. You can still attend and enjoy parties while your child remains happy, busy and entertained. 

What about the workplace? What if you want to bring your child to work and how can you still focus on your job? Mums also call us when it comes to this. We can send a nanny upon your request so that you can still focus on your work while your child remains busy and entertained. Businesses also book nannies from us to somehow make it a bit easier for working parents on their staff. Whether it’s a one-off emergency, temporary or long-term childcare, both businesses and working parents benefit because they can still be present at work (higher staff attendance rates). 

Phone us today at 02 9387 3030 for a bespoke childcare service whether it’s for a family event or corporate event. Our job is to make it a bit easier for you to care for your child while you attend to other fun and important things. 

We can also support businesses by providing a bespoke range of childcare for their working parents in their own workplace for a long-term, temporary or even a one-off emergency.