ABC Nanny Services

International nanny and Elite Service

Our International Nanny and Elite Service are high caliber nannies who are mostly teachers, nurses, midwives, and early childhood teachers who are engaged by the family to provide care and educational needs of children in their home.

Our Elite Service covers

  • Travel Nannies
  • Governess
  • House Managers
  • Professional Nannies

Mums are masters of time management and multitasking. But even with all that, the hours each day are still not enough. There are endless errands and household duties to do and before you can even catch your breath, a dozen more tasks are waiting for you.

International nanny and elite service Sydney

Perhaps the best solution right now is instead of better managing your time, it’s to delegate some of the duties to someone else. Whether it’s taking care of the laundry, cleaning up the toys or preparing the meals, you can let a nanny do all that. This makes it possible for you to give enough attention to your child (while other things are getting done in the background) and make it a bit less exhausting for you as a busy mum.

You can count on us here at ABC Nanny Services. With our flexible personalised childcare service, we can work with your schedule and specific requirements. We can take care of your child’s day to day and occasional needs. Here are some of the things we can do for you, your child and your household:

  • Take care of your child after school or while you’re still away
  • Clean up after your child’s meals or after playtime
  • Keep the kitchen clean and orderly so you won’t have to
  • Doing the laundry so you can instead play with your child or let him/her tell stories
  • Make sure your child is clean and hygienic so he/she is protected from illness
  • Ensure your child gets quality playtime (we have early childhood teachers here)
  • Accompany you in your travels so you and your child can better focus on fun outdoors

It’s a tailored service according to your specific requirements. Whether it’s helping manage the entire household or focusing on your child’s daily and educational needs, you can count on us to be there. And in case the nanny you booked for didn’t arrive, if you call us we can send a replacement right away.

Parents living in metropolitan Sydney choose us because of our personalised and flexible services. We also deeply understand how parents have no time for themselves and their children. We have witnessed how parents are thankful for having a few extra hours each week for their own families.

Phone us today at 02 9387 3030 and let’s talk about your requirements. Even on short notice we can provide a solution for the lack of time busy mums face each day. Here at ABC Nanny Services, we always got your back and make sure your child gets enough attention and proper care even if you’re busy.