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Mother’s Helper Job Description

A Mother’s Helper works collaboratively with a mother or parent to help deliver care for the children. Generally the mothers helper will be carrying out many of the scheduled tasks on her own, with a parent usually present in the house to provide overall supervision. Mother’s Helpers are qualified career nannies similar to a Sole Charge Nanny, the only difference between these packages being that for a mother’s helper, one of the parents is within the home with the nanny whereas with the sole charge nanny they are likely not.

The extra pair of hands will make your life a lot easier and manageable. Whether you’re a new mum or established, it’s important to have someone you can count on!

The helper will take care of the errands, light housework like laundry, meal preparation, childcare and any other tasks in the agreed job description. You can accomplish a lot more things with a mothers helper.

The helper is usually scheduled for a certain number of hours per day or week.

Mother’s helper Sydney

Having a baby can be a huge transition in your life and things can become chaotic due to the new duties and responsibilities. It’s especially the case with new parents or a family with more kids, or when other caring responsibilities are also required. Hiring a mothers helper can be a lifesaver for these families.

With a helper who can take care of the small things here and there, you free up your time and mind to deal with other things. Under your supervision, things become orderly again while you make sure your child is getting the proper care and enough attention he/she needs. This is important for his/her development.

When it comes to having a helper or assistant for the whole day, many parents in metropolitan Sydney choose our services because of the following:

  • Personalised services according to the requirements of parents and children
  • Each carer or assistant has undergone rigorous screening and proper training (with or without you they can manage)
  • You know your child gets the right care and attention throughout the day
  • Our carers are responsive and proactive, they make sure everything is in order
  • We always got your back, in case the helper doesn’t arrive, we can immediately send a replacement

Our Directors also deeply understand the struggles of new parents because they are also parents themselves. They know how difficult it is to balance everything while feeling exhausted throughout the entire week. They also know how finding the right carer is such a struggle. Here rest assured that finding the right carer or assistant is easy. We’ve made the entire process smooth so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Phone us today at 02 9387 3030 and let’s talk about your schedule and requirements. The whole team is responsive and rest assured that with our services and assistance, you gain peace of mind and more time and focus to care for your child.