ABC Nanny Services

A nanny share is an affordable option because you split the costs with another family. This is both a convenient and affordable way to make sure your child is cared for while saving on costs. Your child also still gets proper care and enough attention while with another child as a companion or playmate.

We provide standard and customised services to better suit the needs, budget and lifestyle of different families. For example, some of our clients choose this Nanny Share option because they only need the nanny while they’re at work and they want an affordable way for that.

Nanny share Sydney

Many parents choose us because of the following:

  • We prioritise clients’ convenience and peace of mind
  • We service the entire Sydney metropolitan area
  • Affordable “share care” option
  • Two families in the same neighbourhood have one nanny
  • Both children could be under one roof or the nanny can split the time between two homes and the other family
  • Individual attention to each child and household
  • We always got your back because we can quickly provide a replacement if the nanny you booked for doesn’t arrive
  • We deeply understand the struggles and concerns of parents
  • Each nanny has the necessary nanny insurance, qualifications, experience and character necessary to be effective in their tasks, and we have performance management process for ongoing improvement

Many families don’t feel the need for a full-time nanny which is why nanny sharing can be a great compromise. They also prefer the home environment instead of having their child stay in a daycare centre. A professional nanny can provide more attention and closer supervision and therefore ensures your child gets proper care while you’re busy at work.

Phone us today at 02 9387 3030 and let us know your specific schedule and requirements. When it comes to professional and personalised child care, you can count on us to always have your back with the perfect nanny solution for your needs. Let us help in ensuring your child gets proper care and enough attention and you get the peace of mind.