ABC Nanny Services

Permanent & Temporary (Sole Charge Nanny)

Looking for a permanent or temporary nanny for your child? We can provide you with a sole charge nanny who will focus on your child and ensure that he/she receives proper attention and care while you’re away or busy.

Here at ABC Nanny SERVICES your peace of mind is guaranteed because we make sure that the nannies have specific qualifications, experience and character necessary to become effective carers. In case the nanny you have booked for didn’t show up, you can contact us and we’ll send a replacement right away.

Permanent & Temporary Nanny Sydney

Here’s a quick summary of having a permanent nanny service:

  • Longer than 3 months
  • Parents are overwhelmed and need an extra pair of hands
  • Mum or both parents expect to be busy with other matters in the coming months.

Temporary nanny:

  • 3 months or less
  • Parents are in the transition phase and still organising their schedules
  • Just trying it first before committing to somewhat long-term
  • Flexibility

In terms of flexibility and personalisation, you can request for a bespoke service that works best for you and your household. Perhaps you’re still testing the waters and you still have no idea how a nanny service works. If you contact us today, we can talk about your specific schedule and requirements. We will then work around those so your child will have a qualified nanny and you gain peace of mind.

Full Time & Part Time Nannies

Many parents in the Sydney metropolitan area choose us because of the following:

  • We understand the struggles and concerns of busy and overwhelmed parents
  • Our directors have years of background in education
  • All nannies have the necessary qualifications, experience and character
  • We can quickly provide a replacement in case the nanny doesn’t arrive (we always got your back) WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK
  • We personalise the service according to client’s requirement, budget and schedule

Phone us today here at ABC Nanny 02 9387 3030 if you require a professional and personalised childcare service. We’re all about giving children the attention and care they require and making sure parents have peace of mind.