The Benefits of Having an In-Home Nanny


When both parents work full time, the prospect of hiring an in-home nanny can seem very appealing. A live in-nanny provides you with peace of mind knowing that your children’s needs are being cared for every day, and they will also enjoy the stability of having a single carer. Live in-nannies are also ideal for parents with irregular work hours, those who work night shifts and people who travel overseas or interstate on a regular basis. In this blog post, ABC Nanny Services will be sharing some of the top benefits of hiring an in-home nanny.

What is an In-Home Nanny?

Before engaging a nanny, you will need to decide whether you require a permanent nanny or a temporary nanny. An in-home nanny will provide permanent care (longer than 3 months) for your children, and as the name implies, they will live inside your home. An in-home nanny is responsible for the daily care of your children, tending to their needs and working around your busy schedule. Live in nannies are experienced carers and fully qualified. In addition to assisting your children with their daily activities, live-in nannies can also help with meal preparation, laundry, school pickup/drop off, daily errands and more.

Top 4 Benefits of Having a Live-in Nanny

Flexibility – With an in-home nanny, you can enjoy greater flexibility as they will work around your busy schedule. If you need to leave early in the morning for work, or if you’re running late, you can rest assured that your nanny will be able to feed and dress your children.

Closer Relationships – Having a live in-nanny means you and your children will be able to develop a closer relationship. Your nanny will be more in tune with your children’s needs and unique personalities, and as a parent you will grow to know your nanny better. If your nanny comes from a different cultural background, this could also offer your children exposure to some interesting foods and practices.

A Helping Hand – If you have a particularly busy schedule, your nanny will be happy to assist with light household duties and errands.

Emotional Support and Educational Engagement – Your nanny is well equipped to provide emotional support and help your child stay educationally engaged. A live in-nanny is committed to nurturing the emotional, physical, social and intellectual growth of your child.


Hire a Qualified, Professional Live-In Nanny with ABC Nanny Services

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