Tips for Successfully Working from Home Alongside Your Nanny


The number of people working from home is growing rapidly, and it is expected that increased work flexibility will continue into the future. If you’re one of many parents who find yourself working from home and struggling to maintain focus, rest assured that you’re not alone. Even with a nanny being there to take care of your children, it can be easy to get distracted and push work aside. Here are a few helpful tips from ABC Nanny Services on how to work successfully from home alongside your nanny.

Communication Between Parent and Nanny

It is important to maintain an open line of communication with your nanny, which means checking in often and voicing any concerns or feedback as they arise. By keeping in contact you will both have a clear understanding of each other’s schedules and expectations, making for a harmonious relationship in the home. Some things you might wish to raise in conversation include:

  • You and your partners typical work schedule
  • The times at which you require quiet surroundings (e.g. scheduled video meetings)
  • Your typical break times and whether you would like to spend this time with your children
  • Outlining some indoor/outdoor activity ideas for your children
  • Health and safety precautions in the home, particularly in relation to COVID-19. For example you may like to have your children regularly wash their hands and use sanitiser, and ensure that all surfaces are cleaned regularly.

Taking a moment to sit down with your nanny over a cup of coffee is a great way to check in with each other, provide family updates, share expectations, and ensure a harmonious working relationship.

Clearly Define Authority

For your children, it can be difficult to determine who is in charge when both you and the nanny are in the home. If you want to avoid interruptions whilst working, it is important that you clearly define an authority figure. You should remind your children that during the working week the nanny will be in charge, but once you’ve finished for the day you will take over as the authority figure. It is important to remain supportive of your nanny and try not to give in to your children’s demands, as this could create a conflict of interests. Rest assured that your nanny always has your child’s best interests in mind.

Create a Home Office

By clearly defining a workspace, this will signify to your children that you are busy and should not be disturbed. You may wish to consider hanging a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door when taking calls or attending virtual meetings. When the sign isn’t up, your children and nanny can feel free to come in for a brief chat. At the same time, you should also set aside an appropriate space for your children to play and learn. By designating personal spaces, each family member will have a clear understanding of the purpose of each space.

Trust Your Nanny to Do What’s Best

COVID-19 has brought about a lot of changes for everyone, and if it’s your first time working from home it might take a while to get used to the routine. Remember that your children may also be feeling a bit overwhelmed or unsure. The good news is that your ABC Nanny Services nanny is a professional who is fully committed to her job and strives to provide the utmost care for all children under her care, so you can trust her to do what’s best. By working as a team, you can get on with your work and daily routine knowing that your children’s needs are being looked after. It’s a win-win situation for all.


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