When Should You Start Looking for a Nanny?


A month before your due date is great to start looking for a nanny. This way you’ll get familiar with the different options and services they provide. For instance, you might just want to start with a one-off basis (like a trial run) and then delegate more and more tasks to the nanny as you go along.

When should you start looking for a nanny

Many mums do it as early as two or three months before the due date. This is excellent because they prepare early for this huge change and transition in their lives. They also want to know the options available and get familiar with what to expect from the nannies.

If after reading this you’ll start searching, you’ll instantly get overwhelmed with the options because there are so many out there. With several to choose from, how do you know which ones are good? Almost all of them can say they’re all trustworthy and they care about the parents and the baby but how do you actually know if they can back up what they say?

First, the nanny should have a Working with Children Check, Police Check and CPR and First Aid Training. This is required for safety and your peace of mind. Second, they should be ready for emergencies and you can quickly book a nanny right away even if it’s urgent or on very short notice. For example, here at ABC Nanny Services we have a 24-hour number you can call (02 9387 3030).

The next weeks and months will be busy and you might forget to book a nanny to assist you. But there will be urgent times such as you’ll be attending an event or you really need to take a nap to recharge. In these times it’s crucial to count on someone who is trustworthy and reliable.

Once you booked a nanny, it’s also important to get specific with your instructions. Although experienced nannies have undergone proper childcare training, you might still want something specific to get done (like how your baby will be put to sleep or the hours of feeding and bathing). If you plan to have the nanny care for your baby every day, it’s good to tell everything you can to the nanny before your maternity leave ends. This way all instructions and expectations are clear and you’ll be sure your baby gets proper care and enough attention.

It’s great to spend extra time on choosing a nanny because it’s about your baby. If you make the right choice, you will save a lot of time, make sure things are getting done and you gain peace of mind.