Why ABC Nannies Provides a VIP Nanny Service


Every family has different needs and expectations when it comes to the care of their children, and at ABC Nanny Services we are pleased to provide an extensive range of services to best suit your needs. Our international nanny and elite service is designed for working professional families who would like assistance with household duties and/or for their child’s education to take place within the home under the guidance of a governess. Our VIP nanny service extends beyond the basics of caring for the physical needs of children, providing families with a comprehensive service that covers travel nannies, governess, house managers and professional nannies. Here are a few reasons why we provide a VIP nanny service.

Free Up Time for Busy Mums

As a mum, you need strong time management and multitasking skills. It can often seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day, especially when you have to deal with daily errands on top of household duties, grocery shopping and whatever other tasks require your attention. This is where the value of your VIP nanny service really shines, as you will instantly be relieved of your duties so that you can focus on providing the care and attention your child needs. Our highly skilled VIP nanny’s have a wealth of experience and advanced training, enabling them to complete tasks such as:

  • Laundry duties
  • Cleaning up children’s play areas
  • Meal preparation
  • Household cleaning
  • Creating quality playtime experiences for your children
  • Education (many of our elite nanny’s hold early childhood teaching qualifications)
  • Domestic and overseas travel companion to help share the load and enable you to spend more quality time with your child

Ability to Travel Internationally

Royal families, executive families, celebrity families, families of government officials and other VIP clients may require their nanny to travel internationally on an extended basis. With out VIP nanny service, this can be arranged. Leveraging our strong connections and sourcing only the highest calibre nannies, you can rest assured that your children’s needs will be taken care of no matter where in the world they may find themselves. Our high calibre nannies are mostly teachers, nurses, midwives and early childhood teachers with a broad range of skills and a commitment to their careers.

Ability to Tailor Service According to Your Needs

Our VIP nanny service is designed to suit your individual needs and requirements. Whether you are seeking assistance in managing the household or wish to focus on the educational needs of your child, we will source the most suitable nanny to ensure these needs can be met.

High Quality Education for Children

The term governess has been around for many years, and the role requires an individual to live within the family home whilst facilitating both care and education for children. This service is particularly beneficial for families who live in rural and remote areas, along with those who prefer to home-school their children.

Seeking an Elite Nanny Service? Contact ABC Nanny Services Today

If you require an Elite Service which covers travel nannies, governess, house managers and professional nannies, look no further than ABC Nanny Services. Contact us on 02 9387 3030 to discuss your requirements, and we will find the perfect nanny for your family.