NDIS and Childcare in the Home – How You Can Benefit


The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an Australian government scheme that was first legislated in 2013, before entering full operation in 2020. If you have a disability, or if you are the parent of a child with disability, you may be eligible for an NDIS plan which will allow your child to enjoy one-on-one care.

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5 Ways to Encourage Children to Assist in Meal Preparation


Preparing a healthy and nutritious meal for your family takes a lot of time and effort, but the reward is always worth it. By giving your children the opportunity to get involved, you will not only ease the load but also make mealtimes fun and memorable whilst promoting a sense of independence, responsibility and self-confidence.

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4 Signs You Need a New Nanny


It’s never easy finding the right nanny for your family, but working with an established and experienced agency such as ABC Nanny Services is a great way to start. Trying to source a nanny on your own can be a very time-consuming process, and even if you go through all the protocols you may find.

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Sensory Activities For Toddlers and Infants


We have prepared the following list of sensory activities for toddlers and infants to help you help them build confidence, learn self expression and motor skills that they need to perform later in life. These can be performed at home or in the outdoors by your ABC Nanny Services nanny. COVID-19 has brought about a.

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Tips for Successfully Working from Home Alongside Your Nanny


The number of people working from home is growing rapidly, and it is expected that increased work flexibility will continue into the future. If you’re one of many parents who find yourself working from home and struggling to maintain focus, rest assured that you’re not alone. Even with a nanny being there to take care.

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Why ABC Nannies Provides a VIP Nanny Service


Every family has different needs and expectations when it comes to the care of their children, and at ABC Nanny Services we are pleased to provide an extensive range of services to best suit your needs. Our international nanny and elite service is designed for working professional families who would like assistance with household duties.

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